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Meeting Report/ਮੀਟਿੰਗ ਰਿਪੋਰਟ – 2

Second Meeting of NRI Sabha Chinarthal.

Report By Navtej Tiwana,

Second meeting of NRI Sabha of chinarthal was held on 4th May 2008 at 5429 Flatford Dr. Mississauga, Ontario, Canada at the residence of Naginder Tiwana. Naginder Tiwana, Avtar Tiwana, Navtej Tiwana, Pritpal Tiwana, Tarnveer Tiwana , Bharpur Tiwana & Hardeep Tiwana were present.

The following decisions were taken:

1. Detailed report of activities, income and expenses was presented and which was approved by all members. Printed copies were distributed to all the members and a copy will be mailed to all members out side Toronto area.

2. Furniture was donated to two Anganwaris in Chinarthal by Naginder Singh Tiwana in the Memory of his mother. One more Anganwari was there without furniture at aryasmaj (close to Mistry Faqir Chand’s workshop). Rs .8000 were approved for furniture and toys. Now all three Anganwaris in Chinarthal are fully supplied with furniture and toys.

3. Dr. Amrit Kaur SMO at our village has approached our co-coordinator regarding the repair of Operation Theater in Primary Health Center. A few months back it was declared unfit for use during Annual Inspection by civil sergon. Rs .10,000 will be released for repair of Operation theater.

4. Hardeep Singh Tiwana brought that all the trees in our village is almost gone. All the members agreed to start a greenery project. For this year the focus will be on Primary Health Center, Schools, Hindu temple and Gurudwara Rori Sahib. In future NRI Sabha will work together with Gram Panchayt and Gurudawra committee to hire one full time gardener to maintain plants.

5. Avtar Singh Tiwana raised very important point that we have no ambulance available at the Primary Health Center. At present enough resources to buy an ambulance are not available. However we shall keep working to build the resources to achieve this target.

6. A resolution was passed to thank Mr. Naginder Tiwana for his donation for Anganwaris, Mr.Avtar Tiwana & Jasinder Tiwana for their donation for high school & Maj. Amarjit Tiwana for his time to start and maintain a blog.

7. Next meeting will be held before Guru Nanak B’day to finalize Annual function outline on Guru Nanak B’Day.

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Activities Report 01 Nov 2007 to 31 Mar 2008


On behalf of NRI sabha Cinarthal Kalan we thank you all for your support for providing funds to association for social & educational needs of our village. Here is a brief summary of activities during last five months.


First award function was held on 24th of Nov 07 and it was a great success. Village puncyhat & members of NRI families were present. Our effort is being appreciated by every one in the village including by the school staff. It happens to be the first ever such effort in the school history. Cash award were given to 5th, 8th, 10th, 12th grade students. List details of awards is given under category ‘Awards’.


Primary school building & toilets were repaired. New furniture for seating of students was purchased, swings were installed, land scaping done and trees were planted. For details please check expanses report given at the end.

Senior Secondary School principal requested to provide 20 ceiling fans for school since most of the rooms did not have fans or were not in working order being very old. Mr. Jasinder Singh Tiwana from U.K. offered to wear the cost of fans.

Rs.10000 Donated to School

Mr. Avtar singh Tiwana from Toronto donated Rs 10000 to Secondary School for their miscellaneous needs. He deserves thanks from all of us.


There are three Anganwari’s in the village. Children from poor families (age 3-5) come there for food provided by Punjab Government. The building of one of them at Kala Bangla was in a bad shape with no proper windows and doors. There was no water arrangement. Mr. Naginder Singh Tiwana from Toronto donated RS. 35000 in the memory of his mother Gurbachan Kaur w/o Late S. Harbans Singh Tiwana to complete the project. Mr. Naginder singh also promised to adopt Anganwari permanently to fulfill there future needs. Building has been repaired and furniture has been provided. We all thank Mr. Naginder Singh for his support.


Amarjit S S Tiwana from Ottawa has started a blog Chinarthal. This blog will provide information about village Chinarthal and also report all the activities of NRI Sabha. We are in the process of providing history of our village on this blog. During his recent visit, Navtej Tiwana has collected some data about history of Chinarthal which will be posted soon in English and Punjabi. If any body has some information about village history, please contact Mr. Amarjit Tiwana.

email: or
blog link:

For communication with co-ordination committee use the e-mail:


One Major project of NRI association was to arrange sponsorship for poor children’s education. In this effort we got an offer of cdn $2500 from some business for the year 2008. But we have accepted only $1250 or Rs 50000 only’ because at present we do not have efficient system in Chinarthal to properly utilize that money.

This donation will be used as follows:

Rs 20000– Cost of uniforms to all primary school . On 18th of March 2008 function was organized and uniforms were distributed.

RS 15000 for books and uniforms for poor children in Senior Secondary School.

Rs 10000 for medicines for poor.

Rs 5000 is reserve to balance the above budget .

If any body would like to sponsor a child from school the cost of books, fees, two uniforms and two pair of shoes is approximately $ 100 a year. Please contact co-ordination committee and get more details.

This is the summary but we have done so far, please do provide us with your valuable ideas as to how we can improve our working in future.

(Navtej Tiwana) (Avtar Tiwana) (Naginder Tiwana)

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History of Chinarthal Kalan

The History of Chinarthal Kalan

The village of Chinarthal was found in about A.D. 1460 by a person named Chand. Chand consulted Baba Bhor Nath, the head of sadhus who had been living in the area for a long time. With the advice from Baba Bhor Nath, he struck a thick wooden staff (Mohri) at the spot indicating his possession of the land, which he later on named as Chandthal.

There are various stories regarding how the village came to be known as Chinarthal. One of the stories include that Chand saw a grove of chinar (platanus orientalis) trees and named the village after it. However, the climate and the altitude in the village rule out this possibility.

Another story indicates that there were four brothers with the same last name of Nath, they named the village after themselves as Charnathal. Four Naths translates to “Char Nath” in Punjabi.

A third story suggests that Chand named the village after himself. For example, Chand originally came from his name to which he added Thal, thus making it as Chandthal and that the village later became Chinarthal. The original Chinarthal was given a suffix of “Kalan” (a Persian word meaning large) and the new settlers of a nearby village also named Chinarthal gave it a suffix of “Khurd” (a Persian word meaning small).

Chinarthal Kalan village is an epicenter of Tiwanas of Punjab in India. It can be rightly optimized with Dharanagri of Malwa, where Parmars have very close sentiments attached to it. It will not be any exaggeration if we say:

“Chinarthal is for Tiwanas”

“Tiwanas are for Chinarthal”

“Wherever there are Tiwanas, Chinarthal is always near them”

This village is situated on the left bank of Bhakhra Main Line canal about 22 kilometers in the north of Patiala and about 12 kilometers in south of Sirhind (a town located on Grand Trunk Road near Fatehgarh Sahib, a District Headquarter of Punjab). It is situated 30 degrees and 32′ in the North latitude and 76 degrees and 22′ in the East latitude. It is the largest village of Tiwanas in Punjab in India, having approximately 1300 house holds with a total population of about 10,000.

The total area (mauza) of the village is 16,000 bighas (3306 acres). Most Tiwanas living in Chinarthal believe in Sikhism. The village has three gurdwaras, two Hindu temples and a mosque. Chinarthal was once a part of Patiala, however after the creation of a new district it is now part of district Fatehgarh Sahib.

The village was divided into three different sections (known as patties in Punjabi). These three sections were Nanda Patti, Tiloka Patti, and Gaddo Patti. Tiloka patti is the major patti. Gaddo and his descendants had embraced Islam in A.D. 1533. Before 1947 there were about 20 Muslim Tiwana families in Chinarthal. However, since the Maharaja at the time did not give any assurance regarding their land, the Muslim families departed to Pakistan at the end of 1947. Two Tiwana Muslim Chaudharis descendants of Gaddo, Majlas Khan and Wazir Khan, were the prominent chiefs in the Mughal times. Sardar Sawai Singh of Chinarthal held an important post under Maharaja Karam Singh and Maharaja Narinder Singh of Patiala. He was a chief of Chaurasi of Chinarthal Tiwanas and was declared a special durbari of the Patiala Durbar.

Among the Muslim Tiwanas of Chinarthal, Sher Muhammad also known as Chajju was a very nice individual. His son Noor Muhammad owned a large piece of land and was a rich farmer who generously distributed 100 mounds (40 quintals) of wheat grain to Sikh refugees who came into this village in 1947. Sher Muhammad had two more sons Jammal Muhammad and Barru Khan, who were known for their well kept bullocks, cows, and buffaloes.

Abar Muhammad popularly known as Abri was a numberdar. His brother Suleman was known for his agronomic practices and new agriculture innovations. Other Muslims of Tiwana clan included Abdullah Tiwana and Peer Muhammed Tiwana who also had a large amount of land in the village. Naurata Singh Tiwana of the same village escorted Barru Khan to Ambala refugee camp. All Muslim families reached Pakistan safely and were allotted agriculture land in Sindh province near Chachro. At present there is only one Tiwana Muslim family living at the village.

This village remained in lime light due to the resistance of Chinarthal Tiwanas against Mughal oppression in Payal. Balaka Singh Tiwana, the chief of Chaurasi, fought the battle at Sirhind along with Banda Bahadur in A.D. 1710. Banda, at the request of Balaka Singh, provided him a strong detachment of Khalsa army and he killed the Masands of village Ghadani and other tormentors of the Tenth Guru. Sardar Tara Singh Tiwana, a Sikh from Chinarthal, who was a well trained soldier, repulsed a strong army detachment sent by Nawab Sher Khan of Maler kotla, to help Wazir Khan of Sirhind in 1710. With the help of a small group of Tiwana Sikhs from Chinarthal, confronted Maler Kotla detachment in between village Tohra and Suhagheri. The Maler Kotla army was defeated and in the ensuring battle Sardar Tara Singh and his small band of soldiers achieved martyrdom. A memorial was placed on the land where the war was fought. The memorial was named “Saheedan Dian Smadhaan” (memorial of martyrs) by the surrounding Tiwana villages.

Besides Balaka Singh, Sardar Sawai Singh Tiwana, Agghar Singh Tiwana, Shamsher Singh Tiwana, Budh Singh Tiwana, Kartar Singh Tiwana and Dalip Singh Tiwana were well known personalities of Chinarthal.

This village also produced many eminent Akali and Congress political leaders. Among the Tiwanas, the name of Jathedar Balwant Singh Chinarthal shines like a brilliant star. He overshadowed the politics of P.E.P.S.U. for many years and had a hand in grooming a legendary personality like Gurcharan Singh Tohra (Tiwana). Besides him many other people have achieved high ranks in the service field among whom Col. Ranjeet Singh Tiwana, Col. Gurbachan Singh Tiwana, Lt col Amarjit Singh Tiwana, Maj. Amarjit Singh Sathi Tiwana, Late Sardar Sukhdev Singh Tiwana and many others are worth mentioning. Many people from this village have settled in foreign countries like United States of America, Canada, and European countries. In Canada Ajitpal Kaur Tiwana of Chinarthal has the unique honor of being the first South Asian Women to become a police officer with R.C.M.P (Royal Canadian Mounted Police)

Another conspicuous feature of this village is that many other villages as offshoots of this village were founded in later years. The villages Chinarthal Khurd, Dittupur Jattan, Turkheri Khurd, Lassoi, Rabbon Uchi. Robbon Nichi, Manki, Baghor, Madhopur, Barra, and Madofal have their roots in Chinarthal.

This village has many facilities like Higher Secondary School, Veterinary Hospital, Primary Health Center, Post Office, State Bank of Patiala and a Co-operative Bank. All the streets of the village are now pucca lanes. There are two roads connecting the village with Sirhind, Patiala and Nabha. The Dusehra festival at Chinarthal is well known in the whole district.

Note: ‘History of Chinarthal Kalan’ is still incomplete and more information is being obtained. If you have any comments or anything to add to it please contact me:

With Thanks from Dr. Darbara Singh Tiwana from his book “History of  the Tiwanas” 
This is the most important book about the history of Tiwanas and can be obtained from the following places:
Karm Singh Jodh Singh
Book Sellers
Adalat Bazar 

SCO 1094-95 2nd Floor
Sec 22B


Phone: 613-440-0224

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ਮੀਟਿੰਗ ਰਿਪੋਰਟ-1

First Meeting of NRI Association of Chinarthal

Report by: Navtej Tiwana(

Background : In the past there have been requests from our village to help in construction and extension of school. In 1999 about Rs 175,000 was raised from canada & about Rs. 100,000 from U.K for this purpose. NRIs visiting the village also used to donate money for such social and educational purposes. It was never an organized & continuous effort. This year again a request came to help furnishing Primary School. Few families belonging to the village were contacted over the phone who all agreed to donate and also some ideas came forward for future help. Based on these ideas a meeting was arranged at Mr. Naginder Singh Tiwana’s Residance.

First Meeting: The meeting was held on 27 Oct 07 at 5429 Flatford Dr. Mississauga, Ont. Canada. Naginder Tiwana, Avtar Tiwana, Pritpal Tiwana, Roop Tiwana, Hardeep Tiwana, Bhupinder Tiwana, Mohinder Tiwana and Navtej Tiwana attended the meeting. After a brief discussion, everybody agreed to form an association named NRI Association of Chinarthal / ਪਰਵਾਸੀ ਸਭਾ ਚਿਨਾਰਥਲ to organize collection and expenditure of donations for Educational and Social projects at the village.

1. A coordination committee of three members was formed. Avtar Tiwana, Naginder Tiwana and Navtej Tiwana were nominated as members of Coordination Committee . This committee will locate and contact all the families belonging to Chinarthal living abroad.

2. It was approved that Mr. Bharpur Singh Tiwana will organize repairs of Primary School and shall purchase furniture for seating of students in three class rooms.

3. On Guru Nanak’s Birth day a small function will be organized at the village to give away cash awards to students, who stood first and second in School Board exams of 5th, 8th, 10th and 12 th grade. RS. 17000 was released for this purpose. Village Panchyat and members of NRI families will be invited to attend the function.

4. In future students who can not afford fees and books will be identified and helped by the association.

5. Every year before Guru Nanak’s Birth Day & Baisakhi a general body meeting will be organized to decide about the projects. Before these meetings half yearly voluntary donations will be collected. Members who can not attend will be contacted for their suggestions and they will be informed about decisions taken at the meeting.

6. Major Projects will approved in April meeting based upon available funds. Coordination committee is authorized to take minor decisions.

7. Any member who is visiting india will requested to direct/supervise projects in progress at the time.

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1. Bhupinder Singh Tiwana: Brampton, Canada. 905-874-7044

2. Hardeep Singh Tiwana: Brampton, Canada. 905-216-1002

3. Baljinder Singh Tiwana: Mississauga, Canada. 416-704-0772

4. Roop Singh Tiwana: Brampton, Canada. 905-791-0027

5. Avtar Singh Tiwana: Brampton, Canada. 416-802-5866

6. Pritpal Singh Tiwana: Mississauga, Canada. 416-648-8766

7. Naginder Singh Tiwana: Mississauga, Canada. 416-731-8300

8. Navtej Singh Tiwana: Brampton, Canada. 905-796-1531

9. Amarjit Singh Sathi Tiwana: Ottawa, Canada 613-440-0224

10. Turnvir Singh Tiwana: Brampton, Canada. 905-453-8669

11. Amrik Singh Ghuman: Toronto, Canada. 416-631-6969

12. Ranjit Singh Ghuman: Mississauga, Canada. 905-502-0045

13. Jagpal Singh Tiwana: Dartmouth, Canada. 902-435-3793

14. Kirpal Singh Tiwana: Winnipeg, Canada. 204-999-5518

15. Amrik Singh Tiwana: New York, USA. 201-783-6752

16. Jasinder Singh Tiwana: London, England. 44-178-421-0652

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